Wake Up World

A Curriculum On The Climate Crisis 

For Faith & Community Groups

Photo:  Dave Hoefler / Unsplash

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Introduction to the Curriculum by Dr. Robert & Anita Dygert-Gearheart

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 "I participated in Community Group classes facilitated by the authors.   I found the curriculum to be engaging and accessible, including for those of us who were being introduced to our roles in the climate crisis for the first time. The curriculum and related facilitation allowed for ample self-reflection and discussion and prompted me to acknowledge how I contribute to the climate crisis. I left the classes feeling more empowered and optimistic, gaining insights into actions I can take to be part of the solution." 

Mike Wright

"I find myself to be an intelligent person but I admit that prior to this class I had minimal knowledge about the climate crisis. I really didn’t even have enough knowledge to participate in a conversation. Honestly, I was a little afraid it would be a bit “doomsday”-ish.  However, I found the curriculum and group discussions very informative, balanced and, ultimately, solution oriented.  After going through the curriculum, I now feel comfortable talking with others about climate change; where we are now, how we got here and what I can do to help."    

Cindy Brigham-Althoff

"Taking the “Wake up World” curriculum gave me hope we can limit global warming and continue to exist on our amazing and fragile planet Earth.  I learned about what is causing carbon dioxide and methane (and other toxic materials) emissions. Ways of eliminating these sources of pollution by extinguishing their use and encouraging absorption into natural sinks were elaborated. I appreciated the wisdom of many leading experts in causes and remedies of climate warming offered in videos for the course.  Most of all what gave me hope from taking this course is that we already have the knowledge to combat the climate crisis, ready to be put into appropriate action. We only have to turn enough of the world population into that awareness to make it happen. There are ways every one of us can contribute, and that is what it is going to take to meet this crisis and opportunity.   Momentum is growing.  This course is a good starting point to learn about the problem, and solutions inventive people are offering. It is not overly technical and offers many perspectives and ways to join others to make a difference. " 

Susan Scorso

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