Reviews by people who have used this curriculum june 2023

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"The authors of 'Wake Up World' have done their homework on this complex issue of the climate crisis and make it clear it needs our immediate attention.  Each lesson is filled with multiple brief videos which help make the details of climate change more easily understood.  Group discussion is incorporated into every class, assisting in the digestion of complex issues.  While the topic is distressing and even depressing, hope is there in the form of what we can do individually and as a nation to save our precious earth and help create a world where our grandchildren have a chance to survive.  We must do this difficult thing and these six classes tell us how."

S.M.  Arizona

"This study is unique:  it's like a "climate change for dummies" manual.  The material provides a broad historical and science-based view which is easy to understand, provides a context for the problem, is non-blaming and includes solutions each person can use, as well as the role of the governments, etc. that citizens can push for."

M.D.  Massachusetts

"I love the introduction, especially starting with the amazing quote by Amanda Gorman and your story.  Sharing how you started on this path and why, hooked me immediately. Also, listing the books/authors, podcasts gives us the opportunity to delve deeper.   It’s so easy to understand and it’s interesting.  I love that it can be taught anywhere not just in churches.  Also, keeping politics out of it gives it a greater audience." 

C.L. Oregon

"Great work! I’m sure you will be touching lives and making a difference with this effort!" 

C.Z.  Tennessee

"I thought it was well organized and well thought out. I can’t believe the authors put this together in a year.  It covered everything.  It generated energy and ideas within our group."  

 B.D.  Ohio

"The Wake Up World Curriculum is an excellent introduction to our climate crisis for faith communities and other groups. The clear writing and carefully selected, short videos provide a comprehensive basic understanding of our climate crisis that will engage participants in individual and collective action. The Curriculum is designed to be taught in six classes by lay facilitators, but can also be accessed through individual study on the website." 

J.L., Washington