View selections from the classes below to begin your journey of understanding, study the community or the faith/interfaith curriculum, then consider facilitating the classes for friends and other groups.

Wake Up:  Commit To Ongoing Learning About The Climate Crisis & Solutions

Video: Robert Krulwich of CBS, How Greenhouse Gases Threaten Our World

"The more carbon engines there are, the less time we have to protect ourselves from runaway global warming. We like the engines, we use them, we need them, they make life so much easier. It's the carbon that powers those engines, that's the problem. That's the challenge. Keep the engines, lose the carbon. That way, maybe we can slow the changes down that are coming our way."

Take Heart:  Embrace A Moral Commitment To Address The Climate Crisis

Video: Climate Scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, The Climate Crisis Is A Moral Issue.

"We need our science and our values [to solve the climate crisis]. ... Every human on this planet is born with a sense of responsibility, appreciation for our world and often an instinct to care for others too. And that's exactly what we need to make good choices and to inform our actions on climate change today."

Connect & Inspire:  Study The Classes Then Facilitate Them or Share From Them To Inspire Others

"We've stolen our children's future, we're still stealing it and we must get together now." Jane Goodall

"We need wisdom to find the solutions and then courage to back them." David Attenborough

Take Action:  Join Groups, Mobilize Others.

Video: Climate Scientist Dr. Ayanna Elizabeth Johnson,  How To Find Joy In Climate Action

"What are you good at?  What is the work that needs doing?  And what brings you joy?  Where your answers intersect is where you should put your climate action effort. ... Averting climate catastrophe: this is the work of our lifetimes.”  

"The curriculum is a very thoughtful, well organized, comprehensive introduction and explanation of causes, specific sources, effects on specific populations, and happily ongoing efforts to provide solutions to this crisis.  It was, frankly, shocking to learn how we, our planet’s citizens, are consuming and destroying our home.  And it was so encouraging to learn of efforts being made now to stop the destruction and how we too can start helping as well.  The curriculum was well documented with current relevant videos to complement the course material.  It is a valuable resource for everyone to wake up to what’s happening, to see our part in that and what we can do differently, to have the courage to face the discouraging facts of the crisis and develop the consciousness and willingness that empowers us to participate in solutions.  I encourage everyone to take this course.  It becomes an ongoing inner process.  What I learned continues to develop in my life and affect the choices I make every day."  

Sandie Black


"I was given the opportunity to facilitate this curriculum for a small group via Zoom around the U.S.  It is truly an amazing organization of collected materials about climate change.  The curriculum lends itself well to Zoom meetings since there is a lot of online material that can be easily shared.  It is quite flexible and allows for lots of discussion and self-study.  Although there is a ton of material, it ends up feeling like an introduction to all of the different aspects of climate change and makes you want to do more study.   I think it would be hard to do this curriculum on your own.  Far better to have a small group of others to help go over and understand the information presented in this class."  

Paul McAfee

The Wake Up World curriculum on Climate Change was comprehensive, interesting and highly useful. It is a practical class that was inspiring and was presented in a way that motivated me to take action. The class detailed the contributors to climate change and possible solutions to mitigating climate change. I want to thank the authors for their in-depth research in developing this highly rewarding educational class.         

Alan Galka

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