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Introduction for Community Class Independent Study June 2023
Community Class One Independent StudyDark June 2023
Community Class two independent study June 2023
Community Class Three Independent Study June 2023

"The world better wake up quickly if we want to save humans and nature from the climate crisis that we Americans have contributed to in a large way and which will surely devastate the lives of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren if we ignore it.  I did not know the seriousness of this situation until I studied the WAKE UP WORLD curriculum.  This timely curriculum includes definitions and understandable explanations, as well as many video resources to explain the climate crisis.  Going through the six classes is especially meaningful if done with a group of 10 or 12 people either in person or through zoom.  Because of the anxiety this topic stirs up, it is helpful to have people learning together.  The classes can be used in a church setting or in community groups with youth, middle-aged and old people. Let’s learn together, then take action so that our world can survive.

Dr. Sylvia Manalis

"I consider myself well-educated in the science of climate change and the issues we are facing.  However, the Wake Up World curriculum opened my eyes to various aspects of the climate crisis of which I was unaware.  The range of topics included was extensive and the choice of supplementary materials and videos was excellent."

Vivian Diaz-Dygert

I have had the big benefit and learning experience of attending the Wake Up World seminar on climate change. Not only did I receive a lot of data that was new to me but it was very useful with helping me create new healthy habit patterns focusing on what is needed to protect and save our planet. At the conclusion we were provided with a much needed daily reminder list that helps us to continue to train ourselves.  

Dorre Ray

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