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Introduction for independent studyDark June 2023
Class One independent studyDark June 2023
Class Two independent studyDark June 2023
Class Three Independent StudyDark June 2023
Class four independent study Jun 2023
Class Five independent studyDark 06-23
Class six for independent study June 2023
Class Seven for independent studyDark June 2023

"The Wake Up World curriculum came to our congregation at the perfect time.  For a number of years, we had a small group of individuals who were passionate about helping our congregation to become more faithful caretakers of God's creation, but this class helped us to share that passion with others and to clarify our next steps to take together.  It has been an important part of our faith journey--an essential tool toward living our mission--and we look forward to sharing the class again soon so even more individuals can join us in loving God and loving our neighbors by caring for the goodness of God's world."

Rev.  Nathan Howe

“I highly recommend everyone participate in this curriculum.  I was amazed how much I didn’t know and this experience completely changed my outlook on climate change and helped me figure out what I can do to help make a difference.  The combination of written information, group discussion and high-quality videos kept me interested and I looked forward to each discussion.  I now understand the facts behind climate change and feel empowered to make changes that will help point us in the right direction.”

Dr. Paula Dygert

The Wake-Up World classes provided me with a better understanding of Climate Change issues. This class focuses on teaching attendees about Climate Change from the ground up. The curriculum focuses on research and real-world issues and stays out of the muddy waters of politics.  I found each class to be very informative and the suggested books to read to learn more have provided me with the opportunity to continue to learn more about Climate Change and how my actions can make a difference. The link to the site that allows each attendee to learn about their carbon footprint and to then create an action plan to decrease this footprint was eye opening. I have been able to make small changes that will make a big difference.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend this class and learn more about how I can help change the tide of Climate Change.   

Mary Gearheart

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